Cast-in-place concrete is transported in an unhardened state, primarily as ready-mix, and placed in forms. Ready mixed concrete is proportioned and mixed off the project site. The concrete is delivered to the site in a truck agitator (often incorrectly called a “cement truck”) but can also be delivered in a non-agitating truck. Specialized paving equipment may be used to mix and spread concrete for pavement.

Cast-in-Place Concrete is used for:

  • Most foundations and slabs-on-ground
  • Walls, beams, columns, floors, roofs
  • Large portions of bridges, pavements, storage tanks and other infrastructures

Cast-in-place concrete is the material of choice for slab-on-ground and foundations because of its long-term durability and structural support. It is also used in all types of buildings for either structural support as beams and columns, as well as for floors, walls, and roofs.

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